PFB Podcast Ep. 488: Manhattan Massacre Recap

Originally published at: PFB Podcast Ep. 488: Manhattan Massacre Recap | Pistols Firing

Carson and Colby react to the madness.

Good analysis. I don’t think anyone could see this coming but early to not see the problems is more than just orange sunglasses.

About the not winning conference titles, it’s the same thing as not fixing the offensive line problems. If things like the offensive line are never fixed, conference titles never happen.

@michael13 you really need to listen to the podcast and how Carson and Colby claim you can’t compare OU loss because they didn’t have their quarterback. Don’t forget to tell them they are idiots.
You and @robert28 need to go and have your own little love feist and leave the analysis to the adults.

I was feeling pretty good about bedlam until Saturday. The potential white flag game in Norman scares and angers me. If we are going to lose do it like some â– â– â– â–  men. I want to see a 2018 level game not the shiit they trotted out in 2020.


Actually I have. I like tgeses guys.

Dude ive listen to them i know they have been drink orange koolaid for a while. So dnt kid a kidder.

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I gotta like anyone who’s mom has a orange Christmas tree.

Thats why you dnt check on your mom as much. Just green trees. Piss poor

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So the guys on the podcast are experts ? I would bet 2 out of the bunch never played football, they are just talking heads. You really should come up with a real argument before you run your mouth, but that’s typical for someone who doesn’t do anything but hold the tail :cowboy_hat_face: you are like your daughter and your new friend gumball , with a limited vocabulary

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Where did Sonny Dykes and Mike Leach play?

Lol sonny still has a losing record against power 5 teams. Mat dave now sonny.

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But a winning record against Gundy.

What have they won :roll_eyes:

Sunny ? One game ? :joy::joy::joy:
You need serious help jug

Are you questioning a 100% winning percentage?

That doesn’t even deserve a reply

One thing about it. After Saturday OSU is being talked about on the sports stations. I haven’t heard OSU talked about this much since Gundy wore his famous tee shirt. I guess Gundy keeps us in the news.

1 game. Yes narrative. Your still ignoring that sonny isnt close to have a 500 recotd against power 5 teams.

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Most coaches at a G6 aren’t.

I dnt know what g6 is. You do know sonny coached a power 5 team before. Idiot

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