PFB Podcast Ep. 505: Bedlam Sweep, Big 12 Schedule Release

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On Mike Boynton’s 100th win and the Cowboys’ 2023 football schedule

I have listen to these 2. I was going to waste an hour of my life. But. When they quoted a players momma, i was done. Seriously these 2 yahoos have a pod cast. Should we quote their wifes to why we should listen to them. What seven starters quit. Harper who missed the back half we replaced him
So a freshman who didnt play knows more then everyone else on the team. Sanders we lost is that something we cant improve on. You can name a lot of good. But he still has the most picks and trunover in osu history. The guy never meet a double coverage he didnt love. Stefan single handle lost the wv game.
On ou basketball game these 2 went on how more athletic we are to a team that could be the worse team in the big 12. When on about that for ever. I want athletic play like sutton got. Guys when they dunked espn showed them.

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Robert trying to earn another suspension I see.

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They are a bunch of thin skin guys.i write a novel and he poops his pants.

Its funny you used a guy that makes fun of stars for your come back. Ironic lol.
I gave locked on guy some similar thoughts and he could stomach a response. Lol have a nice day