PFB+ Q&A: Four-Star Forward Aidan Shaw Discusses OSU Visit

The month of June has been busy for Mike Boynton, as for the first time in more than a year, he has been able to host recruits.

One of the highly touted players Boynton has hosted this month is four-star small forward Aidan Shaw. Out of Stilwell, Kansas, Shaw is the No. 78 player in the 2022 class and also has offers from Kansas, USC, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, TCU, Iowa and others.

Shaw visited Oklahoma State this past weekend. He spoke with PFB on Wednesday afternoon about his visit and his recruiting process.

Marshall Scott: "To start, how did the OSU visit go?"

Aidan Shaw: "It was great. I got a lot of information that I feel like I needed to see and build relationships with coaches and players. It was just great."

MS: "What was some of that information you felt you needed?"

AS: "Just stuff about the program, playing style. I got to see the campus. I got to get to know coaches and their experience and their backgrounds."

MS: "Generally, what are your thoughts on Oklahoma State?"

AS: "I think it's a great school. I love the coaching staff. They've got all the facilities and, I mean, that's just a good school overall."

MS: "You mentioned that you got to visit with some of the players there, did you know any of those guys beforehand?"

AS: "I've seen them before, last summer when I did my unofficial visit, two years ago, but I don't know any of them, personally."

MS: "I think OSU offered you going into your freshman year of high school, can you take me through what that early process was like?"

AS: "It's really just all fun. When it first starts, it's exciting getting a first couple offers. I mean, it's still exciting getting offers. It's just really exciting, you know, just seeing that all your hard work has been paying off."

MS: "How did Mike first offer you? Do you remember the story from it?"

AS: "I believe he saw me play somewhere, I don't remember, but I know they had been recruiting me for a little bit. Then just got on the phone and they offered me. We've just built relationships from then on."

MS: "What has his messaging to you been to you as of late?"

AS: "Coach Boynton has been saying that I'll be able to play. He'll let me play, and that's the main thing. Playing time in college is a pretty big deal. I like their playing style, as well. He talks about that, too."

MS: "It seems like you're the type of player who likes to get up and down the floor and defense seems to be a big part of your game, it seems like that fits well with what Boynton likes to do, right?"

AS: "Yeah, definitely. Defense leads to offense. Defense wins championships. So, I feel like with freedom on the offensive side as well as me coming out on defense, just go down and really just get anything done. You get a steal and just go down be able to have the freedom to go score and do what I want on the floor."

MS: "Cade Cunningham, what he was able to do at Oklahoma State last season, does that make it more of an attractive destination?"

AS: "Seeing him come in and then become better when he leaves, that's what I really look at, like player development. Seeing him become a better player, that's what I see. That's a good thing. That's a plus."

MS: "What other schools are you looking at? You've obviously got more visits coming up."

AS: "I'm going to be visiting KU, Mizzou, Iowa and Maryland. They've been talking to me a lot, plus recently Texas Tech has offered me. I've been talking to them. Really just every school that's been showing interest in me, I've showed interest back to them. That's how it goes."

MS: "What are some things that you're most looking for in a school?"

AS: "My ultimate goal is to play in the NBA, so I'm really looking for player development, and also a team chemistry -- really want like a family environment-type of thing. I want a home away from home. Those are the main two things."

MS: "I saw somewhere that you said you wanted to commit before your senior year. Is that still the case or have things changed?"

AS: "Yeah, that's still kind of the plan. As offers keep rolling in, it's gonna make the decision harder, but that's what I really want to do is commit before senior year."

MS: "I also have found out that you are into Sci-Fi, can you kind of take me through that? That's a little unusual for a high-level ball player."

AS: "Really, that's like the type of movies and shows I like to watch, kind of Sci-Fi, I'm trying to name one. Like 'Lost in Space' is one, that's a show. It's pretty good. I also watch anime, though. I feel like that's also something that's a little unusual, but I don't know, I just really enjoy stuff like that. So, in my free time, if I have the time and I'm not at the gym and I'm just chilling, I'll just throw on some Sci-Fi movie or watch some anime."

MS: "Do you have a Top 5 anime list?"

AS: "'Bleach,' I like 'Naruto' and 'Dragon Ball'. I watched SAO ['Sword Art Online']. I don't really have time, usually. I do enjoy watching it when I do get time. I really just listen to what people recommend for me and then just throw it on and see what it's about."

MS: "Have you seen 'One Punch Man?'"

AS: "Yeah, I have seen that. That's a good one. I like that one. I actually started reading manga for that, too."


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