PFB+ Q&A: Gunnar Wilson Talks His Commitment to Oklahoma State

It’s been a good Saturday on the recruiting trail for the Cowboys.

Melissa, Texas linebacker Gunnar Wilson announced his commitment to Oklahoma State on Saturday along with Arkansas offensive lineman Chauncey Johnson. Listed at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, Wilson chose OSU over offers from UTSA, Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech and others.

Wilson spoke with PFB this week about his commitment and what it means to be a Cowboy.

PFB: Why Oklahoma State?

Wilson: “I’ve been watching Oklahoma State since I was about in seventh grade or eighth grade. I mean, I just like the culture there. I like Coach Gundy. I like what they do there. They have a winning program. They’re always consistent, and they have people drafted.”

PFB: Why have you been watching OSU since middle school?

Wilson: “Well, my family is basically all A&M fans. So, they were playing Texas A&M in the bowl game [the 2019 Texas Bowl]. So, that was the first time I watched them. They lost the game, but I kind of liked their jersey colors. Then I went and I started watching them more. They’re actually good, and they’re ranked stuff like that. It was just consistent since then.”

PFB: Was there a moment you thought to yourself, ‘this is it’?

Wilson: “We went to Coach Gundy’s house, it was a real family atmosphere there. That’s what I really liked about it. All the coaches had their wives there and their kids and all that stuff. Everyone was talking, having a good time.”

PFB: OSU offered you in May, it was your first Power Five offer. What was that like?

Wilson: “It was really exciting because my sister, she goes to school there. So, it was just cool to see that I have the opportunity to go to the same school as her and still be around someone that I’m familiar with in my family.”

PFB: Why did your sister choose OSU?

Wilson: “Her and a couple of her friends just decided to go there. They’re choosing between there and Arkansas. They decided to go to OSU.”

PFB: You took your official visit with a handful of other recruits. What was it like being in that atmosphere?

Wilson: “It was good. We all got along really well. After we were done eating and stuff when we went with our hosts, we all went to the same place. We were hanging out, having a good time. Some of them were already committed, like David (Kabongo). David was already committed then. Willie Nelson was there, too.”

PFB: Is it cool that there is already a strong defensive core with this recruiting class?

Wilson: “Yeah, it is cool. There’s already eight commitments now – a few more on the way, including me. But yeah, it’s pretty cool to see that.”

PFB: Who was your host?

Wilson: “It was Chance Clements. He’s a cool dude. We got along pretty well. It was good. He was giving me the breakdown of everything that goes on, how it’s really like, what it’s really like there.”

PFB: You mentioned there are other guys committed, do you turn into a recruiter now?

Wilson: “I mean, the people I know right now, we had a few silent commitments there, like me, waiting to release it. But there’s a few more that are coming up in the next couple of weeks, too.”

PFB: What is Coach Nardo like?

“I love Coach Nardo. I love what he’s about, what he brings to the table. I think he’s a great guy. I think he’s a great football coach, and he’s gonna make OSU really successful. I really like what Coach Nardo is about and what he brings to the table is as a football coach, and not only a football coach – as a person, too.”

PFB: What about Joe Bob Clements?

Wilson: “He’s about his business. I really like him and how he holds himself and how he holds players accountable.”

PFB: Last thing, what is OSU getting in Gunnar Wilson?

Wilson: “They’re getting a football player that’s played a lot of positions over the years that can see the field and know what to read and what to do and when to do it. A really versatile and lengthy defender. They’re gonna play me at the Sam position in the 3-3-5, which is outside linebacker to the field. It’s basically a mix of a safety and a linebacker in between. Got to be able to cover and gotta be able to fill in the run game, blitz off the edge. I feel like I’ll really exceeded in that position and be able to be really successful.”


The last question is great, I love seeing where they go with the answer.