PFB+ Q&A: New OSU Offensive Line Commit Ryker Haff Talks Cowboys

Wednesday turned out to be a big day for OSU football’s 2025 recruiting class.

It started with three-star defender Kyle Kema committing the the Pokes. Not long later, Owasso offensive lineman Ryker Haff did the same. Then highly touted corner Zadian Gentry included Oklahoma State in his top five.

We’ll give a little more shine to the middle of those announcements here, as Haff was generous with his time Wednesday (his birthday) to chat with PFB about his commitment.


Haff: “Why not Oklahoma State? It’s an hour and 20 minutes away, my family can always come watch me, I can always come home on the weekends if I need to, I can go to the NFL from there with Coach (Charlie) Dickey’s help — Coach (Rob) Glass getting me strong enough to go the the NFL. Why would you not go to OSU? And they’re ranked No. 15 for petroleum engineering, and that’s what I want to do.”

PFB: What was your favorite part from your official visit?

Haff: “Probably Coach (Mike) Gundy’s house. It was really fun. Everybody was just having a good time. They had this little bull-riding machine, saw a bunch of people get on it and have a lot of fun. Probably the best food I’ve ever had, probably. It was amazing food, and that’s kind of speaking my language.”

PFB: What was the spread like?

Haff: “They had steak, chicken and they had this like bourbon sauce that you could dip your steak in. It was so good. That was honestly so good. Then you had like green beans, some rolls, some mac and cheese. And then you have lemon bars, Oreo bars – all types of fancy desserts.”

PFB: When did you know OSU was where you wanted to be?

Haff: “Since Bedlam I’ve really wanted to commit. I knew I might have a chance of committing on the visit. I was on the photoshoot, and I was just having a really good time with Coach Dickey and (Zach) Allen.

“I was out there watching practice and everything — we do a lot of the same drills and formations and stuff that they do. They were saying I would fit in really well. I was like, I don’t see why I wouldn’t go here with everyone treating me how they treated me.”

PFB: What do you like about Coach Dickey?

Haff: “I think he’s a great O-line coach, and I think that he’s definitely my favorite O-line coach. You can just tell he cares about you a lot and wants you to get better. Even though he’s screaming in your face, he’s doing that for the best of you. And he’s put a lot of people in the league. Great coach. Absolutely great coach.”

PFB: You’re the second offensive lineman to commit. Have you gotten a chance to know Jaylan Beckley?

“We’ve just messaged a little bit. We haven’t talked really. But we’re both looking forward to having each other there.”

PFB: Being from Owasso, did you grow up an OSU fan?

Hoff: “Yeah, as a kid I went to a few Oklahoma State games. I was definitely there chanting some Orange Power. I actually have a few pictures of me as a kid in a little OSU jersey – it’s pretty cool. Yeah, I grew up rooting for Oklahoma State.”




We’ve been mislead on Dickey by @Helper


Get real. He hasn’t even been hosting most of the visitors. Allen has. They’ve had him in minimal contact with recruits. Anyone even close to the program knows that the players don’t like him, although the has lightened up a little heading out to pasture. Dickey is hated by every OSU OL that’s made an NFL roster since he’s been here, because they all were told he trashed them in the draft process as well.

I definitely trust helpers word more than the word of the players that are actually on the team.


Yes I really appreciate @Helper giving us insight into the complete opposite of what players are saying. Thanks, Help.

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The fact that you think a player would publicly trash their coach and hurt themselves is laughable. At least half of what players and coaches express to the media is a bent truth at best.