PFB+ Recruiting Buzz on Major OL Target

Earlier today, I wrote about what the 2021 recruiting class might look like in its final form and why I didn’t expect a ton of movement in the lead-up to the early signing period next week. So of course, hours later, I am eating the crow.

We’re hearing from a source today that Mississippi State offensive tackle commit Nick Jones, a 6-foot-4, 285 pound prospect from East Mississippi Community College, is strongly considering flipping his allegiance from Mississippi State to OSU.

Jones popped on the radar late – OSU offered in October, well over a month after he made his commitment – but it appears it may have been a timely entrance. We’ll see if it comes to fruition, but it’d be a massive boon for the Pokes and their offensive line to get a player of his size and experience signed and ready to go for next season.

OSU holds commitments at offensive line in this cycle from high school products Logan Nobles and Silas Barr, as well as from junior college product Caleb Etienne, who committed to the Cowboys just two weeks ago.

Jones announced last week that he will be signing on Dec. 16, the first day of the three-day early signing period.


I would like having 2 Juco guys coming in and shoring up the O-Line. It seemed like that’s what Dickey was great at during his time in Snyderville.

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Agreed, and think it would drastically impact the outlook for next season, too. Etienne and Jones could be day one starters.


Late push thwarted.


Hopes dashed in true poke fashion



Nice sauce Boone dog



Hey, I didn’t report it — and this is why I hedged by saying he was strongly considering flipping instead of saying he was flipping — but it was a juicy bit of buzz from a sauce that I thought was worth a share. Didn’t figure they’d be wrong so quickly lol.


There was obviously some smoke there. How often does someone who is committed somewhere announce he is closing he recruitment?

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Maybe Leach dropped a last minute bag.

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We didn’t really want him anyways, I mean he was a low 3 star that would have hurt our overall class rank /s


Totally. :joy:


Of course he’s not going to flip. If anything osu loses recruits late.

Nah, he will flip. To OU.