PFB Roundtable: How Our Expectations Have Changed Following UT Loss

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On the second half of the season, OSU’s deep defense and what we want to see against K-State…

My expectations for the team’s ability didn’t change at all. Obviously expectations for the end result of the season changed, now that there’s basically no chance at the playoff. But the documentary episode really highlighted it even further: Texas was GIVEN 31 of their 41 points. In the past 3 years, Ellinger has had less than two “substained drive scores” (50 yards or longer) twice. One of those was this game. The defense still shut them down. It’d be different if we played perfect and lost, because that would mean OSU isn’t good enough to compete with the top teams. But Texas really wasn’t good enough to compete with OSU. They just got lucky that OSU kept making mistakes and giving them free points. Correctable mistakes. Texas was outgained by almost 300 yards… 9 times out of 10 OSU wins that going away without the mistakes. The big 12 is still ours to lose, and a win Saturday would put OSU right back in solo first. Just gotta eliminate those dumb self-inflicted mistakes and they’re still way better than anyone they play, other than maybe OU.


Well u guys most have. Been the only ones thinking Sanders has improved. It’s a long season.

I agree 100% with OSUgrad. Counldn’t have said it better myself.

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It’s late Thursday I’m actually ready to talk about ksu

I think he has improved in every area but securing the ball on RPOs. His ints last year were literally him scrambling and blindly lobbing the ball into triple coverage. He hasn’t done that at all this year, he’s just off on timing on some of his throws. Right throws, taking too long to pull the trigger. That’s experience. Now as far as securing the ball on potential handoffs with Hubbard, he’s been awful. Regressed, probably. I do find it curious though that these things only happen with Chuba, not with LD. Maybe that’s partially his fault? The Tulsa exchange fumble was definitely hubbards fault. It was placed right in his chest and he dropped it.

I’m as fine with sanders as anyone there still is bad stuff like handing the ball of. But I’m still ready to move to the ksu game

Two things (and you’re welcome in advance for my hyper-vigilance):

  1. On the Hubbard/Sanders fumble, the play was botched from the start. Hubbard, I thought, could have been flagged for illegal motion as he was clearly moving forward before the snap. Hence, timing was off and mess ensued; which led to…

  2. The game’s replay clearly showed Sanders recovered the ball, but #36 from Texas just ripped it away.

You want to put the ball below the chest in the belly more. If you stick it in his chest the shoulder pads get in the way and you can’t secure it as easily.

Like Gundy, Spencer Sanders has no fear of losing his job. That’s a problem. Notice how Lincoln Riley benched Rattler for a few series in their Texas game. How did that work out? Rattler came back and was near perfect, taking care of his issues (which are similar to Sanders’). It is amazing what a little competition will do. If Sanders is the kind of player who can’t handle being benched, then he will not be the kind to lead you to a championship. He’s been here for 3 years now; weird season or not, it’s time to improve.


I saw that! Also found it odd that they never once showed the replay or reviewed the sanders fumble mid-throw. To me it looked like his arm had been moving forward the whole way before they hit the ball.

Sorry you’re right, I should have worded that better. What I meant was Hubbard had his carry pocket ready, and sanders placed it right in the middle of his pocket between his arms. Hubbard just never closed his arms around the ball. I’m wondering if maybe Hubbard assumed sanders would pull it back, which is why I’m not the biggest fan of RPOs. I’ve also noticed that the snaps have been poor on all of those too.

I think he can handle being benched, watch “Our time”. He wasn’t necessary “benched” but was cleared to play and they sat him for precautionary reasons two straight games anyways. He could have pouted but in those two games he was great with Shane and helped as much as he could. He’s definitely careless but I think that has more to do with him trying too hard to make big plays than it does him not caring about the threat of someone taking his spot.

“but I definitely didn’t expect OSU’s offense to be a potential hindrance to a Big 12 title.”

Would anyone else here before the season would’ve thought the same thing?

You couldn’t have said it any better. These kinds of mistakes that we see are taught at the high school level. I don’t know if it’s Rattay’s lack of attention to Sanders errors, or if Sanders just wants to be a wild man out on the field.

At some point if he continues and isn’t benched for the mistakes OSU is going to be 6-4 at the end of the year. His turnover ratio alone is going to cause OSU to lose more games they shouldn’t.

Then the very same fans that want Gundy to stay for a hundred years will be the very same ones begging him to bench Sanders because it will be (as usual) another lost season.

Then the rinse and repeat will happen with those very same fans carrying the mullet flag into next season only to be disappointed once again.

It’s the same as people who keep voting in politicians that consistently screw them over or vote against their own interests. The same concept in Stillwater.

Riley didnt bench any he hurt his hand and was out for 1.5 series. Dude serious “100 years” how about 1000. Mullets never go out of style.

My fondest desire would be for this team to get really mad at themselves and what happened last week. The only way they can get revenge is to play Texas in the Big 12 championship. Let that be the motivation to laser focus every week until they get another chance to show the Texas game was a fluke and blow them out.