PFB Roundtable: On Walker's, Moncrieffe's Career Night; OSU in the NCAA Tournament

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How Cade’s short absence could benefit OSU. (As long as it’s short.)

I said earlier we may not have walker long.
I’m glad we starting to play two bigs ( tongue and cheek)
But that last game half the time there was no one taller then 6 6.

Girls play at 630 in gia. Be tough playing texas.

You compared MAM to Nash. I disagree. MAM looks like IMac to me. Nash was a much more natural shooter and scorer. And we need to be careful at looking too deeply into the ISU game. This was a team with 6 scholarship players and basically no bigs.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I saw a stat saying no big 12 team that’s been above .500 in league play has missed the big dance in the past decade. So, yes, if OSU goes 9-8 they’re basically a 100% guarantee for the big dance.

I agree with the MAM/ Nash Comp, but I think saying MAM is “a little bit” more athletic is either a huge compliment to Nash or a huge diss on MAM. Nash was incredible with balance and could hit the midrange shot with ease, but he was slow in my opinion. Real slow. MAM seems a thousand times quicker than him, and almost hits his head on the Wrestling championship banners when he jumps.

Also, Bryce Williams may be my favorite not-talked-about OSU basketball player in school history. An absolutely fantastic pickup.

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Not to argue but kansas state had one but can remember the year. But yes it’s a lock with #1 draft pick