PFB Roundtable: Our Predictions for Pokes in the 2021 NFL Draft

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Who will go when? Which Cowboy are you most excited to watch on Sundays?

Its should go as the mock. It get a lil jumbled with the bottom 3. As long as they go to teams that needs them, unlike hill. It be wild for 6 of them to go. Stoner would be an ideal last pic like Chris Carson. Can do a lot slot yes weve seen alot. When big boys were out had no troubles stepping up. And return man. If any body looks at him they could see the steal

Big twelve won’t get respect and neither will players from osu. It is what it is.

Not a single big 12 player in the first round is a complete joke.

Just think of the kid trying to figure out where to go to college with dreams of being the number pick in the NFL. Ok not number 1 but top ten. Ok not top 10 but 1st round…

We are talking about the nfl. There are more number 1 draft bust then 5 stars.
Alot of times they get what they want instead of what they need. Why do u think coaches try to get control of their draft picks. Most teams are drafted by gm or owners with lil coaches influence.

The six for OU might help with their recruiting.

Didn’t help ou in getting a #1 round draft player.
We are talking about the draft. In ur own words they shouldn’t choose ou either. So those 6 have wasted their time.

This is what I’m talking about ur points never hold up.
Look ar perkins this year had to set out games didnt make playoff or get draft in first round.

Let’s talk about how they’ve had 6 number 1 picks, 3 while Gundy has been coaching.

Was perkins one. He was projected as one just like Jenkins. Ur whole point is Jenkins didnt get draft first round.
Ou should have more alot more.

I’m not talking 1st round, I’m talking number 1 picks. Perkins and Jenkins were never going to be number 1.

It doesn’t matter ou should have more. I really don’t understand why u make ridiculous post.
Ur a horse guy which is easier breeding a triple crown or bye one. U can make remarks all day long. We know ou has it going in football, thats captain obvious on ur part. The stupidity of ur remarks is think its Gundy’s fault we aren’t as good as ou. Thats was laid out a hundred years ago. And there has been no one to win like u want since the 90’s. When they start paying players it will get worse.