PFB Roundtable: Our Thoughts on Football, Cade and OSU Through 10 Games

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The Pistols Firing crew discusses Gundy’s 2020 and 2021 teams and OSU hoops’ start.

Well osu season went as Sanders went. Poor things he does.
Td redzone is terrible both yrs. Turnovers. And pts of turnovers. Imagine if just a lil better. What this team would look like.
Defense will take a step back with lose of linebackers.
Better line will help mite even make Sanders look good.
Cade and the team r taking to many charges. Everyone knows that’s r offense.
No offense sets specially during other teams runs. Don’t speed up ur shooting when they are doing a ran.
Just get ride of 3 pt shooting

It’s funny reading your football thoughts for 21. I’m right there with you: “the defense has some real strengths coming back, the OL looks pretty doggone solid, the offensive weapons look to be in place…is this team going to be good AT ALL???” They’re a mystery in a riddle, wrapped inside an enigma!


“I feel like the bowl game performance should pump me up for 2021. But I’m not really pumped for 2021 for whatever reason.”

Even with all the returning pieces for 2020 I still wasn’t pumped about this season because I knew who still coached the team.

When a coach fails to meet conference placement expectations seven of the last nine seasons you shouldn’t expect yourself to be pumped the very next season with that kind of disappointing consistency.

What is conference placement. Is that law. Most time half are not rite. One reason we get high placements is because it’s a Gundy team. These placements can change by just one game.


They know he is a good coach

He’s just not as good as they think.

That’s funny he is better then his recruits. Go back and read the article. And he is better then the other coachs

It usually has something to do with returning starters and previous history of a team’s finish. The only problem is the media and people who do these conference predictions don’t dig real deep into who the coaches are unless they are well known coaches. The only thing Gundy has been known for lately is his mullet and OAN debacle. He hasn’t really done anything to meet or exceed the standard when it comes to conference placement predictions.

Sarcasm u really are slow ur just like to rite ur own thoughts( which r few). Didt read that one either.

With the talent that we are losing I doubt if many fans will have high expectations. Probably the most realistic attitude would be just to wait and see what happens during game day. Although the season was a major disappointment because of all of the injuries, it was great that there was even a football season.
If Knowles was looking to jump ship after just settling in, I wonder what the working relationship is between Gundy and him?
As for basketball, I think Cade made a mistake by not going to North Carolina, his second choice. I just wonder what his play would look like on a much better team. He’s not experienced being on any losing team.

I agree with the overall assessment, but just to refute KB’s take that OSU “it wasn’t even remotely close” to contending, 2 plays doomed their season. Those two go a different direction and OSU finishes the season top 10. Still super disappointing because of how those went, but to say it wasn’t even close is an emotion-indused, over-exaggerated false claim.

I didn’t realize this, but after the Miami game it was pointed out that all 22 starters from that 2nd half would be back. With Wolf and stoner later announcing they wouldn’t be back, that makes 20. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

As for the bball team, they’re 3 baskets away from being undefeated and in the top 10. 2 of their 3 losses are to top 15 teams and they let both of them slip away with big leads. To add to that, the only 3 teams in the league with less than 3 loses are all in the top 5 in the nation. Let’s chill for a minute on the “losing team” stuff.

I’d assume next season will go just about how this one did. They’ll win a couple of big games, and lose some they have no business losing, just like 99% of Gundy’s seasons since he became HC. Probably another 8-4 or 9-3 year.

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Absolutely hitting the panic button on our 1-3 start. Our biggest problem is not having a big man in the big 12. Not sure what soured yor anei but he could have been a big piece for this team… I’m not gonna hate on boyton just yet, but his record so far speaks volumes

I know I already said this, but the only 3 teams in the league with less than 3 losses are all 3 in the top 5 nationally. Maybe if OSU loses to KSU tomorrow it may be closer to time to panic, but not yet. Also consider OSU has played arguably the toughest conference schedule thus far. Other than maybe OU.