PFB Roundtable: The Alliance, Some OSU Season Predictions

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We make early predictions for our season MVPs.

Ok who spiked the koolaid?

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I’m gonna go with Dezmon Jackson. He’ll probably carry the ball 40 times a game for 100 yards a game into a brick wall because Gundy will be too afraid to let Sanders throw the ball.

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Have you seen Sanders throw the ball? I barely trust him to hand it off.

My MVP is Tom Hutton, the most overused player on the team. The only way he could get more action is to start punting on 3rd down.

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I love these round tables. I always picture all of us at Eskimo Joe’s having a beer or two and cheese fries with bacon of course discussing this stuff.

I hope since Hubbard is gone Sanders won’t have a problem with handing off.
Sanders had better be mvp
There was way to much kool-aid at their round table