PFB+ Sale!

Hey all,

I didn’t pushed PFB+ subs very hard last year, but I think within the year we’ve made a lot of positive progress within the forum, making it welcome for all different types of people.

We’re going to push and run a sale on PFB in August that you guys can also take advantage of. Here is the link. It’s $60 for a year, a lot of you are already on this price, but just wanted to give another shot for those of you who aren’t.

As we try to welcome in more people to the board, let’s remember to be kind and have a good time.


Cool, I got the email about my sub updating this weekend.


Hey thanks Marshall! That saved me $20!


What is the difference in the 3 plans I see:
PFB+Year ($80)
FallCamp2023 ($60)
PFB+2021 ($60)

Regular PFB+ plan is $80/ year. The other two are $60/year.

The PFB+2021 was a special we did entering the 2021 season. I didn’t ever take it down because I didn’t want it to screw up the people that were on it lol.


Do you get more access for $80 over the $60 options?

Nope, same access, just cheaper!


I refuse to ever have a good time.


Nice! Thanks


Thanks @marshall ! I went in and changed my annual renewal from the standard PFB+Year $80 plan to the FallCamp2023 $60 plan. Also, I am happy to see you advertised on the website the sale. I hope you see a big jump in subs as football season is about to kick off! PFB (and especially PFB+) is the absolute best place for OSU athletics fans.


Yea it’s have a good time, which I do but don’t argue with idiots over trivial chit , you get suspended :joy::joy::joy:

Changed my plan to the 60 fall camp. Thanks for the 20 Marshall

So if I click the link and buy the $60 subscription will it override my current rate? Nothing else I need to do?

It should. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll get it righted.

Might be better to cancel the current one and buy the new.

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I paid for the annual for $60 but did get charged again this week for a monthly subscription. I just wanted to let you know. How would I cancel the old one now that I paid for the annual subscription?

Yikes! So sorry. I went in and refunded the monthly charge and canceled the monthly plan.

If anyone else has this issue, please let me know!

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OK, I went through and checked for duplicates on the list of people who subscribed through the sale link. Everything should be good now, but if not please let me know.

My bad, guys!


Thank you!

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I’d like to speak to the manager!