PFB Staff Ranks the Top 5 Running Backs in Oklahoma State History

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Who the PFB staff picks as the best five running backs in OSU history.

What Ifs: Chuba didn’t get political and concentrated on being the best RB he could be…what would he (and the team) have accomplished?

  1. Barry Sanders
  2. Thurman Thomas
  3. Bob Fenimore
  4. Terry Miller
  5. Kendall Hunter

Fixed it.

I like the list, I’d probably have Fenimore over Chuba too for historical significance and what he was able to do and put up big numbers in the 40’s. Either way Im consensus in agreement with 4/5.

People are so quick to try and cancel Chuba Hubbard, but the dude made one single tweet. There’s no way that affected his on field performance. He was injured that entire year.

Who do you blame more for affecting a locker room, as you stated, getting “political”. A college player for tweeting or a HC for wearing a tshirt?

Neither, it was such a nothing story blown up by the media. They both apologized and moved on, it really didn’t affect the locker room. In fact, the majority of the team was on Twitter backing Hubbard up, so it’s likely that 90%+ of them felt the same way he did.

A freaking news network shirt, or threatening to not play…yeah, you made that choice pretty easy.

You’re saying Hubbard is the one that got political? But not Gundy?

It was a pretty big story locally. At the time, a potential Heisman candidate threatening to not play……is as big a story locally as you could get. Especially in the dog days of summer.

I thought both he & Gundy handled it pretty well once it happened. I had no issue with anything that anyone did during that deal. My question was in response to @patrick0327 sounding as if Hubbard was the only one who “got political”. I appreciate the fact that a college kid is willing to stand up for what he believes in. Like I said, I didn’t/don’t have a problem with how either of them handled it. Gundy should’ve been smarter. Hubbard could’ve kept it in house.

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A news media shirt is not political. People are political.

Hubbard went on to take on the city attorney of okc. Then dropping his twitter. Followed it all up with a lack luster year.

Anyone who has every fished knows your not wearing your sunday best. Your wear a shirt that you dnt care about. The media made this an issue and a ou guy is keeping it going

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I like this fix.

Seems like Earnest Anderson gets overlooked here a lot.

Recall that Thurman took the number 34 in tribute to Earnest.


One of the most ignorant posts ever

Bubba needed to play ball. He apologized later git of tweeter after his remarks about the ca of okc.
The last thing we need is 20 year olds talking.

Lol, let me guess you were offended by the t-shirt too :cry::cry::cry:

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