PFB This Week (Year)

It’s been a weird week (and year) for us, and I wanted to give you guys some updates on us, the site and everything else that’s going on.

• I’ve been down with strep over the last days. Kyle Boone has the flu. Marshall Scott has been sick off and on as well. We might need a pharmacy sponsor.

• Kyle Cox has been traveling and without wifi at times.

• All of these realities have led to a lack of #content this week. Apologies for that.

• We are still looking at hiring a full-time recruiting writer. I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone. We think this position will lead to more insider-y stuff that we can toss on PFB+.

• Speaking of PFB+, we’ve had some reports of folks unable to login on their iPhones. The fix has been to update phone software from iOS 12 to iOS 13. Let us know if that doesn’t work.

• We are updating our navigation bar across the site and the forum. To get to this forum, just click the little Chamber logo on the far right on both moble and desktop. The reason we’re updating the navbar is to make the forum and the main site not feel like two different entities but rather like a more singular unit.

• As always, you can DM or email me with questions, thoughts, feedback.

• Because it’s been such a bizarre week, wanted to say thanks to you guys for continuing to support us and follow along. Here’s 20% off to the PFB Store.


Keep up the good work fellas, it’s a pleasure to be along for the ride.

Get and stay healthy! We appreciate the work you do and that you keep us in the loop.


As you may, or may not, have noticed… we have had no problems keeping ourselves entertained in the Chamber. :joy:


That’s what it’s here for!

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Hopefully you guys haven’t had any trouble logging in. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. I just want everything work well for everyone.

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Heck, you should probably make it to where we cannot be on the Chamber after 10 pm anyways. Momma always told me nothing good comes after midnight lol

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That’s only you and the filter should be 5 7&7’s


I have a browser window permanently open for the Chamber on my phone, so I’m never logged out anyway.


I’m just glad I’m retired. This would have killed my productivity (?) if I was still working.!



If you get a bigger glass, you get more bang for your buck!

We just kinda roll along and stay somewhat civil.

Anyway, I said all of this off the top to acknowledge that we have not been doing a good enough job and that we know that and will work to make it better and better in the weeks and months to come.

Back to your regularly-scheduled Iowa State jokes and recruiting stars chatter.

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Truly, don’t sweat it. You guys always do a bang-up job and real life is absolutely a thing that happens. We’re here for the long haul, so keep doing what you’re doing.


Sick? No sir. That’s a non starter for me. Be better @kyleporterCBS… Be. Better…

Clearly joking. If there’s ever a good time to be sick I think this is the time of year (news wise). I think I speak for most of us in saying that I didn’t notice any drop in #content or caliber of the product you guys put out. Always A++ in my book. :+1:

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Get well guys! And we are plenty entertained here. You do fantastic work!!!

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