Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Arkansas

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Predictions for OSU’s Big 12/SEC Challenge bout with Arkansas.

Well close teams. Home team win

If the team with or without Cade plays like they did against Baylor in the first half we can beat the hogs. The thing we don’t want to see again is guys slacking off their effort because they are again waiting for Cade to do it all. They all need to drive into the paint. Hopefully Ice has been spending a tremendous amount of time practicing free throws. Most of the team also needs to do that. Giving away so many points because of poor free throw shooting. Makes the difference in close games. A win here should help for tournament selection decisions since we probably will be on the bubble because Big 12 games are so hard to win even if you have a good team.

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There is alot we could look at.
Arkansas done a lil better against Texas arl. And oru.
Arkansas has no wins against upper teams in sec or top 25.
Arkansas is 2 and 3 on the road.
Alot of stuff is close but were like 20 places better on sos.
Since sec has beat like 1 team in the top 25. Their sos is about 40% lower then big 12.
But how do we match up. When were got tired against Baylor they shot 3 at will.
Keep 2 bigs in high low with cutters. Attack the paint. Get movement. And pass the ball.
Play the whole game defense.
Can someone make ft.

Ou just took down the best team in the sec so are they over rated