Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Iowa State

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The only team winless in Big 12 play faces OSU on Tuesday.

Its pretty simple. Iowa state has played with walkons because of Covid. Now that they haven’t they are decent. We should win but they are competitive with their guys.

It be about 7 again. Unless boynton gets the team in more offense set

OSU rolls the cyclones by 15 as long as the turnover the ball over a bunch.

Are u predicting we win by 7?

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Pig Latin is his first language

It’s a competitive league isu and ksu can beat anybody who falls a sleep. Thus is not a brute force sport where u can fall a sleep for 3 qt and power urself by. So yes ur rite.

No way around it, they HAVE to get this one today. After today, every remaining game we have is against a top 15 team. No reason to let this one slip.