Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Kansas

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We’re all expecting a close one inside GIA.

God I hope any of those pics work out.

No idea what to expect. Kansas has been all over the place. Will we get the team that beat Creighton, handled WVU easily, and beat TCU in Fort Worth by 30, or will we get the team that barely beat OU at home without their best player and got obliterated by UT? No idea. They’re still a top 6 team in the country so it won’t be easy. Cade’s gotta stay calm and work through the offense and not try to do it all himself. If he lets the others stay involved and ice dictates the game like he has lately, they’ll be fine.

I am not feeling a miracle at all. Just the opposite. Cowboys walk off the court after being beaten by a lot. It seems someone on the opposing teams always has a career game against OSU.

Without many fans in the stand, Self’s troubles won’t be the same this year…unfortunately

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Kansas rolls by 20+. I would much rather look like an idiot than Nostradamus on this one!! Go Pokes!! Beat the Jayhawks!!!

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11 pt lead at half shooting 60. This only going downward lol

Jeez Marshall could ya get any closer? Nice call.

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