Picks, Predictions for OSU's Week 10 Game vs. West Virginia on Saturday

Ignoring a loss by Riley is easy because he keeps winning the conference. Once they are in the SEC and not winning the conference everything will change. With Gundy he’s 1 for 16. Hell even Kansas had one good year in the last 16.

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The only game I’ve chosen them to lose so far was at Boise State (and they nearly did). I don’t enjoy reveling in my pick. Just pointing out there are some obvious problems going on with the coaching staff.

Probably has something to do with the fact we consistently find a way to lose a game we probably shouldn’t? On almost a yearly basis?

Actually so far the future is looking bright for myself. Not trying to brag or anything. I’ve worked hard to make a good living and it’s looking promising.

:arrow_up: Exactly!!! Overreacts like crazy and plays not to lose (which in turn causes him to lose).

Ignoring the fact that Gundy punted back to Riley in OU territory and subsequently raised the white flag pretty early in the 4th in last years bedlam game is probably a really good example of ineptitude.

The white flag is attached to ur ess.
There is no trouble with this coaching staff. Tjats why we have had 16 years of winning years.

And 2 bedlam wins with one conference title.

I have no idea who is going to win this game. All I do know is that I would like to see a slew of throws down field along with using Presley a lot. I have not been impressed with our RBs except for Warren. Maybe Richardson will progress with more carries. I also want to see our secret weapon on the field, the walk on who caught a pass early in the season. Have Tay and the Green twins go long and throw a short one to the walk on. It’s easy to forget a walk on’s name. I think Bernard Kouma has gained some weight so I would let him play for Gundy. He is now able to hold onto the ball better when he gets it in his hands. I like his progress. Possible Cowboy back?