Plenty of Good Ideas for Reducing Expenses, Coaching Salary Cap Not One of Them

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Mike Gundy is underpaid at $5 million a year.

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I rather see a budget cap on how much a university can spend on its football program in terms of yearly expenses (salaries, recruiting, etc.) In order to do this you would need a standardized accounting system for all schools, and private universities would have to comply as well.


Not only would it be good to keep the cheating down it sure would help to fund more opportunities for other student athletes in sports that don’t have professional opportunities after graduation. oSu could fund a men’s soccer program and women’s wrestling.


Nick Saban’s salary is 4.7% of Alabama’s revenue, Mike Gundy’s salary is 5.8% of OSU’s revenue. He’s at least a little overpaid if we assume Saban is as serious at negotiating his salary as he is winning football games. Riley is a comparative steal at 3.6%.

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Really trying to get us going with that statement pistols staff lol. Not going there boys.Not today it’s happy Friday!!!

Mike Gundy is underpaid at $5 million a year. Please STOP!