Podcast Ep. 531: Bullish on Bowman?

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/podcast-ep-531-bullish-on-bowman/

On realignment and headlines from fall camp.

Of course the news of Arland Bruce gambling on Iowa games comes out right after posting this. Something always has to happen after the recording goes live.

Bowman will be qb1. Rangel was looking great last year at this time. He played in games that the defense were not great. Gunnar scored 10 pts against isu in 3 quarters, Rangel scored 16 in 4.
Its a whole lot different win defense hit you.

Ecerybody talks about gundy and portal. He knew how it works he just didnt have alot of scholarship to go after guys.
Cobb may be more athletic then wright but wright has played this defense for 4 years… no drop off.

Our season will revol around the 2 lines. How much can krickland play. Will they play more 4 man when clay is in.

Oline just needs to stay healthy. When healthy in the last 2 years we have done fine.

Same thing with dunn he is fine. The first 7 games were top 10 offense. I know you guys think every coach lost their minds on the last 6 with lesser opponents. But, no.