Podcast Ep. 535: OSU Survives Week 1, Questions Abound

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/podcast-ep-535-osu-survives-week-1-questions-abound/

Carson and Colby recap OSU’s Week 1 win against Central Arkansas.

Me listening to this podcast

Come on guys. Harping on Dunn for not using Ollie much more?
Don’t you guys remember the things that Gundy states each season?
RBs get beat up. So you need to limit their carries to keep them healthy. The mindset for the game was to play plenty of new guys to see how they perform.
Also, it was obvious that you are not revealing your playbook during pre- conference.
I really enjoy these podcasts. But you guys on this show sounded like amateur fans rather than someone who is aware of the bigger picture.
Yes, the O- line was terrible. Just one more reason why not to waste Ollie’s talent. They already know what he can do.
You guys get carried away at times.
Ridiculous during the previous podcast thinking this team has a chance to win 9 games. This is a 7 win season. I do agree that Dunn should have been done after last season. Same for Dickey.
Colorado will only be good as long as Prime is there. Colorado is only a stepping stone to feed his ego. He will bolt for a bigger program and bigger paycheck. He could turn OSU around.