Podcast Ep. 537: Defense Shines vs. Arizona State

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Recapping the Cowboys’ win against Arizona State.

Listening to the very long rant by Colby and to some extent Carson about the 3 headed QB situation and the massive number of players being played in the two games so far. My response is to just chill. These are non-conference games and given the new landscape of college football e.g. the portal et al. These games have become a science experiment to try and figure out what your team is like after replacing a s&^t ton of players with transfers. You also seem to be worried that this science experiment is going to extend into conference play. Well IMO I highly doubt that is going to be the case. I’m pretty certain QB1 will be named by the first conference game and all of our 1’s will be out on the field for the majority of those games barring injury or bad performance.

The problem with Bowman, and this is true for both games: even with the completions he has had, he almost never hits the receivers in stride; they are jumping, diving, or reaching back to catch the ball, which means they get no yards after catch. His touch throws need work. I’d rather roll the dice with a younger Rangel that might make a mistake or two. I think he could be really good going forward.

We need god now gunnar has done the most

Yea i cant go a hour wuth these 2.

We are get alot of experience for the young guys. Guys are fresh how many hits has the rbs and qbs taken, well a third. Lol.

Outside of the QB race and Dickey’s O-line which seems to already be set regardless, do you think they know who all the other 1’s are?

With as much rotating we do in alot of spots only importance is the name starter. Im sure gordan will be get more snaps. Gundy always tells us about spliting the rushing attempts then its mainly 1.

I certainly hope so i mean it’s the coaches job to figure that out and it needs to get done by opening of conference play.

It looks like they are hunting for a replacement for Wright at LB. A lot of LB’s getting reps.

We are doing things Gundys way and this years approach is part of a bigger plan. Gundy coaches different in years when oSu isn’t a title contender. This is a building towards year IMO for Gundy. Play the young guys and see what the future holds at QB.

Gundy 2023- We are going to have an offense that I am comfortable with running. That is most likely going to look like his OC days pre Holgy. He is the boss and has that option. The challenge is Kasey Dunn was hired in 2011 so he has no experience doing what Gundy did as OC. This will take time but I do think it was time for change. Gundy never really embraced Holgerson and Monken’s approach. He was hands off during their tenure and I think he favors more input. Zero pressure from AD and President so Gundy flexing. I just hope it builds to something special.

ASU 2023- wrong blocking schemes first half, again. Same problem MY had early in his OC days. JH got that corrected back then. Game planning has not been a strength recently IMO. Great coaches and players were able to change approaches at half with limited prep.

Not a fan of reduced or limited play packages in the non conference. Making players adjust to more complex schemes and conference play as the same time seems difficult. Especially if entire systems is implemented in the fall practice and then abandoned for 3-4 weeks.

You have to wonder how many guys leave next year on the Oline if Dickey returns. It’s crazy he doesn’t play the young talented guys.

Plus how do you ever develop guys if they don’t take live reps🤷🏼

Agree Gundy was hands off with Monkey and Holgy. Would point out neither were much of program builders but were savant play callers. Both inherited full cup boards to play with then left.
Given our good 3 star plus 1-2 4 star talent level we need savant play callers.

Name a place that has built a program recruiting in the 40’s and never winning the conference and constantly losing to the conference leader?