Podcast Ep. 539: South Alabama Destroys Oklahoma State 33-7

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Recapping OSU’s loss to the Jaguars.

Hey guys, the problem is not Gunnar. The problem is the loss of Sanders.
The cupboard was left bare and Gundy went shopping for a QB and he came up empty. He’s going to have to forget about this season and hang his hat on Flores next season.
It doesn’t matter who the QB is this season because the problem is a lousy On-line and a DC who is in a learning mode.

Great job as always, fellas! I could almost finish some of your sentences as I was listening. We’re all in the same boat after that performance yesterday.


At the first of this podcast, I have to disagree. Bowman doesn’t look the best of the 3 quarterbacks. I think he’s a veteran back up but he makes the wrong read a lot, the receivers drop his passes, and the defense doesn’t have to respect his scrambling/running ability.

Gunnar clearly throws the best deep ball and he can run. This line can’t block well enough to roll with Bowman or Rangel.

Completely agree that the offensive staff is not getting it done and that its Gundy’s fault that he brought them back.

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That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. After 18 years Gundy didn’t have anything better than a 3rd string SEC QB in Sanders? Sanders was a complete trash QB. The problem is Mike Gundy. PERIOD!