Podcast Ep. 563: Signing Day Recap

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Carson and Colby recap Signing Day.

In regards to realignment, the only ACC teams I see coming to the Big 12 is Louisville, PItt, Virginia Tech, and NC State.
My top 3 Christmas films: 1. Christmas Story 2. Christmas Vacation 3. Scrooged. (Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, it’s just a great movie set at Christmas)

Sadly you are misinformed about the status of die hard Jarrod.

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I’ve seen/heard all the reasons people consider it an Xmas film, and I simply disagree. Just my opinion that’s all.
If you consider it an Xmas film and watch it around this time of year, that’s great.
If I went to an Xmas party and Die Hard was playing, I’ll happily watch it because I love watching it. It’s one of the best action films ever made.
If you want to watch a good action film that is an Xmas film as well, I’d highly recommend Violent Night.

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