Podcast Ep. 578: Inside the OSU Coaching Search

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Carson Cunningham and Colby Powell discuss the latest news on OSU’s coaching search. Carson dives deep on the information he’s gathered during the past week, including who was the top target and the latest on frontrunner Steve Lutz. You know what helps the show and helps us make more shows? When you rate us on Apple Podcasts or subscribe to our pod: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Spotify | SoundCloud. As always, we appreciate our sponsors Chris’ University Spirit and Yuengling. Pistols Firing · Podcast Ep. 578: Inside The OSU Coaching Search https://pistolsfiringblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/pod-3-29-24.mp3

With how well you guys speak of KU and their superiority maybe you could get someone from there to sponsor the podcast.

You know who else played fast and we were told would be fun to watch? Travis Ford teams.

Western Kentucky turned the ball over more than we did this year. Think about that.

They also shot about the same percentage that we did from the free-throw line.

This is just kicking the can down the road…

Realistically, to return this program to it’s glory days would require being able to steal Kelvin Sampson from Houston. And that ain’t happening. The only chance we had of ever hiring Bill Self is if the NCAA did their job and suspended him from coaching for a few years as a result of the investigation they did.
Cross Bill and Doug off your wish list.
We’re a bad team now hoping to get back to at least being mediocre again. That’s what this upcoming hire will suggest. We don’t have the bucks to do any better in this era of play for pay.

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I’m thinking Josh Schertz should have been worth a look. Lutz has the better assistant coaching experience but WK just got hot in the tournament to get into the NCAA. OSU had a better Kenpom ranking than WK this year. What Schertz did in D2 and in building ISU over the last 3 years is impressive.

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