Podcast Ep. 580: John Smith Retires

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On Smith’s retirement, his potential successor and more.

It’s a bit odd listening to this podcast without the intro music.

I really enjoy that this podcast is a tribute to John Smith.
His soft spoken Okie manner doesn’t reflect just how fierce this guy was as a wrestler. You have to watch his bouts on YouTube to get an idea of what he could do to opponents.
Wrestling an entire NCAA tournament with a dislocated shoulder sums up John Smith for me.
In the early 1950s I watched my uncle suddenly start screaming in pain holding his shoulder when he dislocated it. So I just have no idea how John Smith managed to wrestle with one arm.
My expectations for what Coleman Scott is to accomplish is tempered by reality. Cael Sanderson will surpass the dynasty that Dan Gable created . PSU is what OSU used to be, but on steroids. Not literally. So to think any other coach is going to bring their team to the level of PSU is just not realistic. That train ain’t slowing down. So the expectation should probably be that OSU can eventually be good enough to contend for second place and consistently win the Big 12 tournament. Have to start beating Iowa in duals. Have to create a more offensive attack style. All of this depends on his recruiting and who the assistant coaches are. Recruiting has been less than stellar for quite awhile. Can’t stand by and watch Iowa State be reserrected as we go backwards.

I also enjoyed the podcast and discussion of John. I respectfully this you missed it on the Mount Rushmore of Ok State overall and coaches. Recency bias was apparent. Everyone mentioned, but if you look at the impact on the university and college sports, you can’t leave Ed Gallagher off the list.

I like Gundy and understand where football sits amongst college sports.

Ed Gallagher, Henry Iba, John Smith, and Boone Pickens.

For coaches, I would put holder there based on National Championships, with honorable mention to Gary Ward, Eddie Sutton, and Mike Gundy.

I have no doubt I would miss athletes and Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas are there. Robin Ventura has to be there- Golden Spikes award, NCAA hitting streak. If you include after college career, which seems to be the case with Thurman, John Smith has to be on- if only college, Smith and Thomas don’t make it and probably Blackmon and debate between Pat Smith- first 4x NCAA wrestling champion and Cade Cunningham as our only 1St pick in NBA Draft.

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Mount Rushmore has to have Ed Gallagher because he invented wrestling moves and created an amazing dynasty. Granted, there was no parity in those days, but his records were incredible.
College baseball gets very little attention. But Gary Ward belongs on Rushmore. Iba is a no doubt about it. John Smith would be up there if not for Cael Sanderson.
Mike Holder has to be there for all that he achieved in golf and turning a decades bad football program into a winning program.
Eddie Sutton can’t be up there because his team squandered a 17 point halftime lead against Syracuse. OSU had the talent to win it all that season.
Leaving Gundy off is difficult. If he wins a national championship he might make the climb.
His recruiting isn’t good enough.