Podcast Ep. 583: OSU Wrestling Hires David Taylor as Next Head Coach

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Seth Duckworth joins to talk the Cowboys’ new coach.

You guys knocked it out of the park with this podcast. As a Cowboy wrestling fan for the past 58 years I loved every minute of this podcast. Seth’s input was great and right on point. I’ve sounded like a broken record over the past few years complaining in the comments section of PFB wrestling articles that we need new blood in terms of coaching and level of talent from recruiting. I offered that we needed to stop the inbreeding and get coaches who are not former Cowboy wrestlers, and we need to find out the secrets of Cael Sanderson’s success. Seth hit up on each of these points.
I had no idea we have a money man behind this program. That changes everything overnight.
This podcast ranks right up there with the podcast that had Mike Holder as guest, calling out Gundy for insufficient recruiting.
I hope you guys tweak your format by having guests on your show more often.
Carson, Joe Seay was not from the Iowa program. He coached Division 2 NCAA championship teams at Cal-Bakersfield.
I wish half our team would enter the portal so David could get his guys in here sooner. Create a dynasty of conference championships while remaining in the top 3 at Nationals each season until Cael retires. And then start winning NCAA championships. If anyone had any doubts about Chad as AD, I think the hire of DT erases those doubts. OSU really is on the rise.


I would agree that this was an excellent podcast.
I’m a casual fan of college wrestling and this provided a lot of insight into why BT was hired and how this could be a homerun (possibly grand slam) hire.
Is it a risk? Of course, but as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold. If he can bring in a fresh way of doing things that will lead to success, then sign me up.

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Am I thinking of another coach we took from Iowa? I thought I read we had done that before John. Thanks for listening and the kind words, much appreciated.

Agreed, thanks for listening. It’s going to take a grand slam to even challenge Penn State and Taylor is the only option for that to happen. Coleman would do well but wouldn’t come close.

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