Porter: Five Predictions for Oklahoma State Sports in 2020

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/porter-five-predictions-for-oklahoma-state-sports-in-2020/

These are all sure to go poorly!

Ok help with the 2/3 come to Stillwater predict. Did Bryce not sign with Kansas in the early period?

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Yeah, I am lost on the Bryce comment as well.

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I think they’re predicting a post season ban which would allow him to leave Kansas I believe.

KP is counting on the NCAA laying the hammer down on KU and Bryce looses interest in staying in Lawrence

Kyle/PFB guys, I know you don’t like making posts about speculations if they end up being false, but just in these comments, can any of you confirm if the chatter about Dunn returning as the 2020 OC and Hubbard/Tylan both telling the team they are returning as true? Sam Mayes, Robert Allen, and a bunch of social media personnel have all claimed that OSU personnel have told them this is all true. Any info?

You guys are overthinking this, what it means is, Kyle thinks both Chuba and Tylan are both coming back. Hello, McFly! :stuck_out_tongue: :sob: :joy:

If I’m wrong, Porter owes me a bushel of Porter peaches, don’t cha think?

Shane Illingworth wins Frshaman of the year

Gonna be hard to do whilst redshirting…