Porter: The Five Best Players of the Mike Gundy Era

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All the wide receivers.

Washington’s worst YPC season was better than Blackmon’s best YPC season. That’s astounding.

i think the straight-up comparisons between Rudolph and Weeden are unfair simply because of the O-line situation. Weeden was on campus during Wickline’s heyday and those lines were very very good. So he didn’t spend a lot of time running for his life, or getting his feet broken. Weeden was a stud and i loved those years of OSU football as much as anyone.
I’m also not sure Hubbard goes on that list either. He had a ridiculous season because QB play wasn’t up to the usual standard - so defenses crowded the line. once he gets behind them - he scores. Love the speed, but is he really top 5? Is he better than Hill? On a team with Weeden and healthy/stud WR’s, does he have that season?

Sounds so easy to get behind the crowded box…

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I’m curious what the recruiting star rankings were on those top 14 players.