Positive Boynton Trend?

I’d like to know how everyone is feeling about this Boynton opinion I have developed.

He’s really good at making adjustments and has his teams playing their best basketball at the end of the season.

2017-2018: Late push for NCAA Tournament bid
2018-2019: Played really competitive 6 of their last 7 games
2019-2020: Last 4 games have been very good

Even the turnaround for 2016-2017 can be attributed to Boynton’s change on the defensive side.

He makes adjustments based on what his team has been showing and I appreciate him trying to be innovative and I believe for the most part recent history has shown that it has been working.

When we look overall at Boynton’s body of work, it has been below average, but this might be one area that propels him once he starts accruing his own talent.


I think next year will be interesting to see, not only because of Cade, but because Boynton will have a full team of “his guys”. While he loves Lindy/McGriff/Dizzy none of them ideally fit the type of player he regularly recruits. Next year the roster will have a more solid mix of talents between classes and a chance for him to coach fully the way he would like to.

I think his glaring deficiency is understanding and learning more about the offensive end. He knows how to coach defense, he knows how to make adjustments, how to recruit, how to motivate, and he can draw up great out of bounds and scenario plays. This may be as simple as having a different assistant on his bench who is offensive minded, but I also just think it is something he will learn as he goes on.

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Kind of describes how Gundy coaches individual football games too.

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Very true in regards to all those seniors! Yes, he’ll be able to have a team that he has fully molded so it should be fun to watch!

I agree that our offensive sets get very stagnant. Unless we get the ball to the FT line and run a player to the wing nothing truly develops. Hopefully we begin to see a little more creativity! But then again, it might be due to a lack of play makers.

Wasn’t Boynton also given credit for the changes and improvement that happened late in the season when Underwood was the coach?

Yeah he mentioned that in the first post

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