Potential Flip Candidate Marquez Stevenson Signs with Texas Tech

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OSU fails to flip a talented Louisiana DB, but still has a solid incoming secondary class.

Not overly excited. Rather get a experienced center or a lb


100 percent with you there. Hopefully we can continue to shop the portal.

I looked him up he sign with tech.

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I’m totally shocked gundy could not flip this guy!!!

Gundy is an absolute recruiting bum!

Well obviously. That’s the title of the article.

Whatis your point.

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It’s almost like you’re incapable of reading.

No i just didnt read the hole thing. Who cares didnt change anything. He isat tech and i knew it.

So you are chasing your tail trying to point out pointless arguments

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I’m at work and no time to research but how are we looking on depth now?

For the bowl were going to mainly down qb, lb, and a db.

Next year alot of these holes will be filled. Its if one of the qbs step up. Hope we start with the whole o line giving us help

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Unless something changes, e.g. we get someone from the portal or Flores is a stud as a freshman, I don’t view ourselves as being much good at the QB position even with a decent showing at the bowl game, which is the best case situation there IMO. We might still be able to win games next year but it’s going to be a struggle

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We should be fine with 2 QBS I think? Just now realized your right on CBs and LBs. I’d like to see Rangel get a lot of quality reps to see what next year may look like. If we can run a different style of offense with Jr I’d be okay.

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I think more the same like you. I’ll probably get crucified but I’m not big on Gundys left arm talent. I like how he is fast on his feet. I fear for Rangel if we can’t block for more than a couple seconds. I’m really hoping for some changes on game planning and style of attack. I think a few things. #1 I think we should run option offense with Gundy. #2 keep running what we are doing but with Rangel. #3 run the offense around Gordon, Nixon, or Jackson like we did with Warren. I think Gordon and Jackson will be a lethal combination.

We could go back to the Diamond formation with 2 running backs to help hide our blocking woes. Jackson can block.


Once upon a time …flipping a commitment from TTU to OSU would have been a given …sad…very sad!