Potential Transfers

I’ve heard rumblings that K.D. Johnson, the Georgia transfer who led the team in scoring last year, could be transferring to Oklahoma state. Has anyone else heard anything about this? MB hinted that the team would have good news this week, and I’ve heard people outside of the program hinting toward him coming here but no one within the program has said anything about it.

If it isn’t him, I wonder who Boynton’s hints were about? Thompson? Alexander?

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Where have you heard these rumblings, sir? And are you sure you’re not talking about Sahvir Wheeler?

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They were talking about it both on the Dominant Duo yesterday afternoon and on the Franchise. They could have been speculating. And I just checked the stats, they were definitely talking about Johnson. They said he was their leading scorer but it looks like Johnson finished a half point behind wheeler. I don’t think Wheeler is transferring, might be wrong though.

Wheeler is definitely transferring and will probably end up at UK.

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Wow, are they losing their entire team? I think they have a couple others leaving too.

Most of it

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They are about Thompson.

How do you know?

tomorrow at 12 buddy youll see


Scratch that, just saw the Thompson update. Not guaranteed but there sure are a whole bunch of arrows pointing toward you being right after hearing that.

Man I hope you’re right.

pretty solid sources say we are getting him and OU is out


Referring to the status update, it states that Thompson is announcing tomorrow at noon. Looking at the timeline, it all adds up. BT has a phone call with MB Monday morning, MB then hints at the team getting good news “this week” on Monday evening. BT then announces he has shrunk his list to three and will announce tomorrow. It’s not guaranteed but definitely seem like that’s the case. Too many coincidences.


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