Predicting OSU Basketball's Starting Lineup for 2020-21

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With Bryce in the fold, OSU has a different look entering next season.

Not sure about going back in time to 2020.

I think with the roster as it stands now, Bryce Williams has had enough of the the classroom and he is not returning, especially since he would not be a starter. Having a better shooter than Ice as a starter would be a good thing. Regardless of who gets the last scholarship, OSU is set, depending on who feels the need the jump ship. Does Donavon Williams think he is going to get any significant playing time? Kouma knows he will get playing time because someone has to be in there to give Boone a rest. Chris Harris and Rondell Walker coming off the bench should be powerful. I just hope that Rondell will be more consistent this coming season.

No way will Thompson play point guard, with or without the potential transfer from Georgia.

Ice is a liability at the FT line. He has to correct that before he can remain a starter or be in a tight game late.

I love Rondel Walker’s game – on both ends of the floor. Not sure how he can be kept out of the starting line-up this year.

When Rondel is on his game he has been a great help. But he is not consistently good at scoring. That was his main problem this past season. He also lacks confidence in his ability. I think he will resolve both issues with more maturity each season. But he should be a great player to bring off the bench if these transfers turn out to be better than he is and thus he cannot be a starter. Either way, he is going to get a lot of playing time.