Predicting Which Football Recruits OSU Might Land Commitments from Next

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Five names to watch including the brother of an OSU star.

Good group of kids. Presley is the best of the group.

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Did you figure that out from the number of stars each one had ?

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Its way to early to know on some. All of r commits r coming with a big group of recruits. Hope they bring alot into the fold. Alot r going to going through the full process. Some of r commits are still going to campus visits as r others coming to osu.

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I did notice Cody nagel has given more crystal ball projections on prospects than what seems normal, should we believe those or be a little pessimistic?

Those crystal ball deals are weird.
They can say 100% and have a low deal marked.
They do give their % accurate rate.

One thing is their are guy committed but still going on visits.

Now they open up school visit, June and July will show more movement.

Not to put this on the kid but IMO Braylin Presley could be a Tyreek the Freak type player!