Predictions as Chuba Hubbard Teases NFL Draft Decision Day

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Hubbard’s decision time has arrived (it appears).

Feels like he is gone
Hopefully Glass is the real deal


What do we think this means?

I think he’s going pro

It was a rental according to the Instagram account that is tagged in the story.

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I’ve changed my mind. At first I thought he’d go. But with the “5pm” tweet - he’s too high class of a guy to tease an announcement when the announcement turns out to be “I’m outta here”

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Agree with this…it would be classless and the guy has a lot of class.

If he were going pro, he would have just posted. The 5pm post tells me that we are getting something worth holding out for. Like a video announcing his return.

Not feeling very confident. It’s pro, I fear :pensive:

I’m on tilt right now.


I panicked here. Was on him returning for weeks and flipped at the last minute.