Predictions, Picks for OSU's Week 12 Game vs. Texas Tech in Lubbock

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OSU can clinch a spot in the Big 12 title game on Saturday.

OSU 45 Tech 31

I’m pretty sure you guys have inflated the opponent’s score every week. Take a look back and tell me I’m wrong.

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I’ll go with 34-24 OSU.

We will hold them to less than 20 unless we blow them out. They might score on our 3rd string a bit in garbage time. I think it will be 31-17

Tech always scares me, even though our record says otherwise

Author: the only way OSU secures a berth in the B12 title game this weekend is with an OSU win AND an Ou win. Believe it or not but it would help if Ou won this weekend……you don’t have to roof for them but if it happens it happens.

30-21 OSU

Has anyone else noticed the particularly bright orange sunsets recently? Good omen.

Pokes 48, Red Raiders 0

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As with so many games, limit mistakes & turnovers and OSU wins this. We seem to have forgotten given OSU’s dominance over the last three games that in the first half of the season, OSU won some squeakers. Boise State, Baylor, Texas. The loss at ISU, which at the time seemed respectable but then ISU has lost to teams they should have beat and tarnished that. Defense seems to take a possession or two to figure out what the opponent is doing, then clamps down hard. Limiting Tech scoring in the first quarter will be key.

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Got half the score right!

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The important half