Preseason college football bowl projections

Update: both journalists now have us going to the Alamo. I’ll be updating this as the season goes on for my own curiosity to see how the predictions waver and change as the season progresses.

If we go to the Camping World, I’m going this time. I regret not taking the winter vacation to Florida last time and Orlando is a great place.


If we manage to start 4-0, do people think projections will have us going to the Sugar? Does that change if Texas loses or wins against LSU?

I’ve been to Orlando a couple of times. I don’t quite understand why it’s a great destination. What am I missing?

Sure, there is Disney. Universal Studios. I get that, maybe some good golf? The rest of it seems like flat swampy Terrain. Again, what am I missing?

We had tickets to that game against Virginia Tech, inexpensive ones through the school that had luxury boxes and included food and beer, had to sell them and took a 50% bath on the sales price.

The ticket demand certainly did not seem to be there.

The parks, obviously, but it’s just a really nice city all around. Everyone knows of destination cities where it’s something in the city that is a destination, Orlando itself is a nice place.

True, I get that. It has some nice places. Personally, we’ve visited a lot of the bowl destinations, and Orlando ranked on the bottom of the list.

New Orleans #1. That was awesome…for the game & NOLA. San Antonio #2. Phoenix #3 for the Cactus & Fiesta. Honestly had more fun at the Cactus (game atmosphere aside) because of the scene in Tempe vs Glendale. Now the Cactus will be at the baseball park, which isn’t bad either. Holiday in San Diego was awesome. Independence in Shreveport was pretty cool too, mainly because of the casinos. Cotton in Dallas…Jerryworld. That was awesome. Houston Bowl…great stadium & atmosphere, don’t remember the outside activities there though.

Anyway, with all those in the back pocket, Orlando just falls on the list.

Matchup though… Notre Dame would be AWESOME. That would be worth going for. The rest of the ACC save Clemson just isn’t very exciting matchup wise.

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I respect your opinion, Brendan, but there is absolutely no way anybody can actually think that Shreveport is better than Orlando unless they’re digging in on a point.

Also… I refuse to go to Jerry World anymore. It’s just not worth it at all. Why pay extra to watch it on TV and spend $300 on beer and food?

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Probably had to do with the fact we were playing Alabama & just beginning the Gundy era. Just came off the losing season too. Stadium…no. Game…yes. Hotel… yes (minus the smoking).

Good point tho.

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Brendan, it looks like you ranked the bowls and not necessarily the cities. I would like to go for a week. Not a golfer, so I would maybe put Orlando behind NOLA. Tempe? Hot and not much there. San Diego might be fun. The others are bowl game cities only.

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San Diego IS fun. Was just there at the end of June.

ESPN thinks we take a step back! Camping World from Bonagura and the Texas Bowl from Schlabach.

The Liberty Bowl is actually lower than the Camping World. They’re equivalent as far as I personally am concerned, but technically the CW is higher in the pecking order.

A step back from what?

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from last week. Both people predicted us going to the Alamo Bowl last week, and now it’s the CW and the Texas.
The order of the Big 12 bowls are as follows:
CFP selection
Sugar Bowl(Big12 winner unless that team is headed to CFP)
Alamo Bowl
Camping World Bowl
Texas Bowl
Liberty Bowl
Cheez-It Bowl
First Responder Bowl

Keep in mind this is the priority that the bowls get to select their Big 12 rep, the only requirement is that the Sugar select the Big 12 winner unless they’re in the CFP.

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Not really technically, the Camping World is going to be almost certainly a better opponent and a better Big 12 team than the Liberty will be. Unless the Camping World intentionally selects a lower standing member to pump up a specific matchup, the Camping World will be a better bowl.

Update: Both predictors have us at the Alamo this week, one vs Washington State and the other vs Oregon. Honestly I’d take both of those games. I currently work at WSU and a rematch of the 2008(?) bowl game would be great.

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Ugh, you live in Pullman?

Also, the 2008 Holiday Bowl was between us and Oregon.

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What do you have against Pullman? It’s the Stillwater of the PNW

I met someone from there, who bartended in Cincinnati. She was…not very fond of it. Let’s just leave it at that.

That’s kind of an odd way to evaluate a place that you’ve never been to… Pullman is a tiny town in the high desert. Like Stillwater, some people will love it. Some people will hate it. People that grew up there can’t wait to get out.

If you haven’t been to that part of the world, I highly recommend it. It’s beautiful country.