Pro Football Focus Ranks Spencer Sanders 84th among 130 FBS Starting QBs

How do you see the Texas Tech game going and how did you do picking that game the last two years?

I had us losing and losing bad in 2018. Wasn’t high on Cornelius at all. Thought we would win last year. Was wrong on that one. I’m willing to bet that you’ve also been wrong more times than not on OSU. That team and last years had a lot more holes than this one. This one has what should be the first decent defense we’ve had in years, which the way we closed out the season with the defense starting to pull together points to that. Combine that with the talent we have on offense and we should definitely be in title contention for the conference.

Sure I’ve been wrong betting on OSU (except for OU, that’s a sure thing that we loose every year).
But every year Gundy is going to get out coached, not beat by talent but out coached. He was always going to lose half of his games to Bill Snyder. He was always going to lose 3/4 of his games to Art Briles.