Pro Football Focus Ranks Spencer Sanders 84th among 130 FBS Starting QBs

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Riley has yet to start a quarterback he originally signed, benefitting instead from transfers.

I’ll guess I’ll just wait before crowning Rattler…

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I saw 84th this morning and was baffled.

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How can anybody be baffled on the ranking of Spencer Sanders. He looked horrendous at times last season. Is he athletic? Yes. Does he have above average arm talent? Yes. Was he prone to the most bone head throws a guy could make? Yes. Based on how he played last year he ranking is fair. It’s up to him to play better and thus improve his ranking and perception.


I’ll agree with some of what you said. I can’t really put much stock into any outlet that puts Skylar Thompson 4th in the league though.

Expected to compete for a Big 12 title by whom?

Some real thoughts on out qb. 84 maybe not but till he hits 2nd option not top50. I think you qb got over rated like there team has .been. Yes 20 for ou qb will see

Spencer just has to learn there are some plays you can’t make yardage on. He is an aggressive player for sure, just can’t make the boneheaded plays and turn it over. Don’t really like him running like a RB

By just about everyone except you

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Oh and everyone betting in Vegas.

I don’t disagree with their descriptions and grades of his performance, but I do with his ranking. No first year QBs should be ranked above anyone that played last year.

Fair comment Brian. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Spencer simply has to play better this year. I expect him to though since he was only a RS freshman last year.

Fully agree brian33!

LOOOOOOOL at 84th!

Spencer Rattler #22? Has anyone else seen Netflix documentary, “QB1”? It might be bias on my part, I doubt it, but I wasn’t overly impressed. Not saying that cause he got suspended at the end of the season. He was NOT in Justin Fields’ type of territory nor did he look like the #1 recruit in the nation to me.

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The play calling for him was atrocious, it took far too long for Yurcich {edit: not Yurcich, the guy who left who wasn’t that great IMO} to figure out the kid’s strengths and weaknesses, just like it did for Cornpone. Did they throw it much to the 6’8" TE? Did they keep going to the slants which teams like zerOU couldn’t stop w/ pro DBs?

The kid played well for a freshmen, step off the gas.

True, he needs to learn how to slide. We don’t need him to take those crazy chances like he does at times throwing his body out there. It won’t be pretty if he gets hurt seriously doing that.

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Ok, so I assumed you knew that Vegas projections are about money spent on bets, not potential performance (larger fan base before more money so get higher Vegas rankings). In spending about 2 minutes, here are a few websites that I found that have OSU in the conference title game 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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Maybe you’re right. 7-3 might do it.

Spencer has a long way to go to be a quality passer. Half field reads, poor touch on deeper throws, and having to get away from tempo to prevent careless turnovers showed that.

I believe he is an athlete trying to play quarterback at the Division One level. I question his accuracy on multiple routes over ten yards. You either show accuracy or you don’t. On those longer throws or timing routes it wasn’t there consistently. That’s why he was asked to throw bubble screens, slants, and screen passes at or behind the line of scrimmage so often.

His ranking is just until he shows he can pass and throw more routes successfully.

Well, I don’t see Texas or any other team beside OU or OSU doing any better than 7-3 so would have to do it if you’re correct