Project Your Depth Chart

Simple as it says: who’s got the start this year?

PG: Isaac Likelike
SG: Lindy Waters to start the year, replaced by Chris Harris Jr. at some point
SF: Marcus Watson
PF: Cam McGriff
C: Yor Anei

I can see Anderson and the Boone bros making a push at some point, but I think they need a year to bulk up and get acclimated to the college game.

I have the following:

PG: Likekele
SG: Dzaigwa (potentially pushed out by Watson towards season end)
SF: Waters (has become pretty good college player and won’t lose his spot, see: TxTech game)
PF: McGriff
C: Anei

No way Lindy doesn’t start all year. He’s our best player.

PG: Ice-man
SG: Dziagwa (will eventually be replaced by Watson)
SF: Waters
PF: Cam
C: Yor

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If Dizzy starts then the freshmen aren’t as good as advertised

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Could easily be a situation where Dizzy is technically the starter, but Watson (or some other frosh) gets significantly more minutes.

Aside from everyone else, you are wrong about Lindy. He’s going to start, and he’s going to be awesome for us. He matured a lot last season.

I see this for most of them, unless Boynton can convince the guys that 6th man is the best man, something along those lines.