Projected OSU OL Starter Bryce Bray Enters Transfer Portal

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Not good news.


What’s going on with the OL?

Are we at panic level yet?

Thank goodness football probably won’t be played this year… This is not a good look for Dickey, which is really surprising considering the stability he had a K-State.

They were told to leave the program due to violation of team rules per Marshall Levenson

Pistols Firing, please get all the facts before causing a stir.

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FTA: Official reports suggest he is leaving due to a violation of team rules.

This is not awesome

Galloway retired due to injuries and body couldn’t take it anymore. These two- Hey there are rumors Bray and other kid both got Covid-. Trying to have Covid party to give it to other players so they wouldn’t get it during the season. Word is one of the mother’s of players got word. Called CDC and police etc. They were gonna be arrested and so they are kicked off the team. I really hope they weren’t kicked off for a Covid party- wowsers! If so that’s absurd just talk to them and tell them how they can’t do that.

This is the rumor. Anyone confirm this ?


How can you not kick them off the team. Give it to others! Really?! Are you aware of the Louisville situation where three scholarship athletes had a COVID party. Apparentl infected a number of other athletes? The three athletes lost their scholarships and shut down 4 fall sports (men and women), but not football.


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This was on players and not dickey. Truly it was a shitty deal for players.

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The COVID party thing seems a little far-fetched. I’m not saying it didn’t happen–and I don’t personally know either player, but Bray doesn’t seem like the kind of kid who’d do something like that.

You don’t know him personally, but then you make a reference to his character?

Just from having heard him speak during interviews, he seems like a pretty mature, level-headed kid.

Good call, yeah looks like I rushed to judgment…

I’m hearing things along those lines now too. Probably should’ve waited to comment till some more info came out. I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash eventually…

Next Man Up!

I heard they didn’t want to block any longer for another player inserting their political will and personal agenda on the entire team without first being asked what they think.

They’ve decided to move to greener pastures where they can focus on football instead of which shirt another person might be wearing and making it into a national fiasco.

This is all Kyle Boone’s fault if you really think about it.


Said another way, if true, they had low tolerance level for diversity/acceptance regardless if they agree or not, or the stature of the individial …umm?