QB Preview: Spencer Sanders Leads Talented QB Room in 2021

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OSU’s QB room looks to be in good shape entering 2021.

I would cut Ethan Bullock and not let him take up a roster spot, I’m still not sold on Sanders, everyone keeps pumping him up because of his athletic ability and every year or every week is supposed to be when he turns the corner and becomes a stud but so far that hasn’t happened. However the 6’5 kid with a rocket arm looks promising and passes the eye test, sometimes it’s best to not over think things.

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Spencer Sanders has been on campus for three years now. If I still see multiple interceptions a game from him on a consistent basis they need to just roll with Illingworth.

Tim Rattay needs to do a better job with the QB evaluations, and if Gundy is telling him who should be where on the roster then he needs to stop considering how wrong his QB evaluations have been in the past. It was pretty evident that Illingworth was better than Bullock.

I like Sanders athletic ability but he needs to be smarter on the field and they need to mold his ability to plays that will actually work and make him more successful. If your going to start the dude then you better at least stick to his strong attributes most of the time.

I don’t see how Bullock is better than any of these guys. Just my opinion, we were the only Div I program to offer him…what does that say?

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Allowing him to throw across the middle would help a lot…you know, instead of the usual back-shoulder fades, bubble screens and go routes which is about 90% of our pass plays. Sooooooo predictable. How about a few passes to the CBs and the RBs? Slants, slants, slants! I can’t remember a game where we threw more than twice to guys running diagonally across the gridiron.


Slants - especially when you need to get the ball out fast on a 3rd down 5-7 yards. But Gundy will wait for a slow developing play and the QB will have to hurry his throw or be sacked. Just throw a darn slant or a shallow curl…timing is the key to success on these fast developing plays.

If Sanders doesn’t show major improvements from last year start playing Shane. If the interceptions and or fumbles aren’t resolved no reason to play him.

With an OL that he knows struggles to block a three man rush.

I hope you’re right.

The only way Shane gets in is injury.

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Shane heads and heals above SS, Gundy pull your head out of your arse. SS has cost us at least 1 to 2 games every year he has played, EASILY!

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