Quarterback to Back: Alan Bowman, Houston's Donovan Smith Have a Lot in Common

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Both QBs are in need of a bounce back.

Is the graphic a comparison of Bowman to Smith or Bowman to Plumlee?

QB2B Bowman Plumlee

Couple of stats that jump out:
Rushing 341 vs 30 yds, 5 vs 2 rushing TDs
TD:Int: 20:10 vs 8:8

What do they both have in common? They’re both not that good.

Is it just me or has Bowman’s stats are somehow worse than every quarterback we’ve played so far this year based on these articles? Statistically the worst qb in the big 12 then?

There’s a reason he was third string at Michigan.

No, not just you. But overall the media and staff pimp him like he’s the next Tom Brady.

Statistically Bowman is the worst starting QB in the Big 12. He places in bottom 3 in every measure except total yards and attempts. Sadly when you combine his bottom of the conference completion percentage with most attempts, he is the conference’s undisputed zero yard Incompletions leader. Couple this with bottom three in yards/attempt along with being the least mobile QB in the Big 12, he’s overall the least effective QB in the conference.