Quartet of Cowboys Make AP's All-Big 12 First Team

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More honors for the Pokes.

This funny. Ou got a lot of lineman on. And that was a terrible line.

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That and lots of I St the team Joey raved on non stop, and Campbell :roll_eyes: managed to go
7-5 :flushed::flushed:

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Campbell is the best coach going 7 and 5.
It’s weird Campbell 7 win season are better

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Well by Joe’s own assessment, Iowa St should fire Matt Campbell. If you are picked to play in the title game and finish 7-5 then fire ‘em right? Oh wait Campbell is the best thing the Cyclones have going for them.


Guys what have we won in 16 years? What makes you think that gundy is going to take you to the promise land? You guys are so little brother syndrome it’s insane. O yea we have a lot of winning seasons right! What has that got us? Not even top 25 recruiting classes! No conference championships! No respect from the media! We are one notch above Tulsa in others eyes. Gundy has had the donations to make any coach cry. Gundy has had a program handed to him that was on the up thanks too coach Miles. This guy’s ceiling is what you have witnessed for 16 freaking years!! You guys that think gundy is best for this program to get to new heights are insane. He’s holding this program hostage. This guy can’t win when it counts. He needs to be the athletic director for osu but not the head coach anymore. Administration please cut this guy loose I beg you. Glad there’s only three people on this thread that thinks gundy is the answer and not the majority.

Campbell is a better coach yes. You give him osu players and he is 2nd best team every year with multiple conference championships

You give Reilly osu players and give gundy ou players and we win more conference championships than ou

Cool story bro. That’s like the eighth time you’ve mentioned little brother syndrome. We get it. You heard someone else say it and you think it’s cool.

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Riley couldnt beat osu with ou players.
Go look how many all big 12 players isu had.
Campbell dropped the ball worse then gundy could ever have done.
Jeff we got 11 wins at least come back when we have more losses.
U guys are unreal.

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Little brother syndrome

I bet Patrick 1 likes to win championships unlike Patrick2

11 wins? LOL you know what 11 wins gets you? Ask Baylor LOL what is wrong with you guys. You guys are so scared of the dark. I bet patrick2 sleeps with the closet light on.

:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Good one Jeff38.

Same as us, a New Year’s Day bowl … doubt we would have made the playoffs winning but would have liked to won. How many posts did you put the same chit on ? You even answered yourself once :joy:

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The AP got it right. Aranda definitely the coach of the year. Gundy should have handed him the coach’s award with the Big 12 Championship trophy!! What a friggin’ meltdown. :hot_face:

I think that you are half right, pragmatically. We do know Gundy’s ceiling and it is as described. We are best served with coordinators with autonomy. It is so very easy to see when Gundy has a puppet at OC. The play calling is overly conservative for the most part and inane at times. When we didn’t go out on offense with a one score lead with SIX MINUTES left in the Bedlam game and try to score, but instead ran off as much clock as three running plays can and punted, it was only by the grace of the football gods and Jim Knowles that we won at all. We deserved to lose several games this year so I don’t buy into the win total making it one of Gundy’s best coaching efforts. It was his usual fare and if that gets him coach of the year, then he should get it on 7-6 seasons too. I am proud of the players and the defense did perform to their statistics.

However, Gundy did NOT inherit a program on the rise from Miles. Les (is not more) Miles had rode Bullet into the ground, had our program ready to implode just as he arrived at the more lucrative job. We were just his stepping stone. A lot of players were ran off and others simply quit that Miles recruited. NCAA sanctions were on the way soon had Miles spent another year or two. Miles lost to very average teams, but then played OU tough each year. His outlook was simple. To get notoriety that would translate to a bigger job, he just had to make oSu competitive when playing the more notorious Sooners, thus every game was just a scrimmage to get ready for Bedlam all season long. :roll_eyes:

Gundy does bring a stability to our program which we rarely have had. Gundy does have a ceiling and we have apparently seen it. That ceiling is higher than Miles or any other coach at oSu. But, I for one do often cuss our coach for bumping my head on it!!! But, the next time that fate (mostly) and Gundy’s approach (needs a lot of help from fate as it has this year!) has us in a prime position to play with the blue bloods, I will once again let my hopes rise above his ceiling. I may or may not don a helmet!! hehehehehe

The Fiesta Bowl will show soon enough if we were actual contenders or very much pretenders in this college football season. ND is the perfect opponent. Cincinnati took them to the woodshed. They beat the rest of their slate convincingly for the most part. I feel that in this season, we have the contenders above ND and the pretenders below them, and ND is in their own ‘purgatory’ not really being either. We will see if we fall below or finish above them.


It’s amazing so many schools fail to hire coaches who can win more than Gundy since it sounds like it’s shooting fish in a barrel to find one.


I like ur take on miles it’s rite.
Aranda did a great job THIS YEAR. There weren’t me teams handled the virus worse then Baylor. Alot of people look at Baylor last year and thought they didn’t have players, sure it was because of virus.
The core of baylors team from this team were there last year. So yes it looked great him flipping the team but NO.
On conservative play that is not just gundy. Twice know in a row gundy punts in ou games and the defense fell apart. Williams threw a td pass just the reciever did terrible feet work. Dude 55 yards on a qb run. Some off those d players got so far down field they couldn’t see Williams. There is a big difference between pervent and actually playing.
On games we won by the defense that makes up for the ones we lost in 2018. Is Knowles leaving us in better shape? We’re got 5 weak recruits.
Hire within like u said.
The offense will get better. Dunn and his crew had 2 bad years of recruiting but the last two have been great. I only see 1 recruit that could leave, with the lack of rb I dnt see him leaving.
I know it’s a ramble.