Random Questions

These are for anybody to answer…does Josh need to replace Rob Walton? Why was our base-running not great yesterday? And finally, how do you fix plate discipline?

I’ll answer backwards. We strike out less this year.
Unfortunately both the others have been constant. I said earlier josh keep pitcher in to long.
He waits till the bases are load. Then the next pitcher is under pressure. We have done ok with lesser teams this year but the 4 teams have killed us.
We out hit tcu and Texas without scoring with bases loaded alot.
I’m upset. But in tournament it can be fine.

Rob is widely considered one of the best pitching coaches in college baseball. He’s had multiple opportunities to take head coaching positions at other schools but has declined to do so thus far. His replacement will be a downgrade.


I only ask about Walton because I hear a lot of negative on here about him and I’m not near as knowledgeable as others.

why do you feel we will be better come tournament time?

Just like the rest of our teams, they have had injuries.

One thing some of the lower pitcher are doing better.
As long as there are no major injuries!!!
Josh has been playing alot of different players and pitcher. We have been out hitting teams.
Look at stantlee pitching Sunday. We have a lot of options.
And maybe I’m just hopeful lol

Rob Walton slander should be grounds for expulsion from even the free side of this forum.

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So Rob Walton is good enough to build and develop a pitching staff to get us a Natty in Omaha? Sounds like that’s what you’re suggesting. And anything short of that is slander?