Ranking OSU Football’s Top 10 Impact Players in 2021

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These 10 players will make or break OSU’s season.

“If he can do that, the Pokes might be a real Big 12 title threat.”

In order to be a team that’s considered a Big 12 title threat you first have to have a HC that wants to make his team into a Big 12 title threat. We haven’t seen that for several years now. The opportunity has been there for the better part of a decade now. What is he waiting for?


“He caught one pass all of last season before a six-reception, 118-yard and three-score bowl game. Now, Presley is planted as a WR1 and the leader of OSU’s receiving corps.”

Yet he was kept on the sidelines because he was “young” and didn’t have much “experience”. For the sake of seniority and Cowboy culture he sits the bench even when he proves to do good things on the field.


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Rodriguez should be on there. The two kickers should be on there.