Ranking Quarterbacks in the Conference

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In no particular order, I bet you Sanders finishes the season as the 3rd best QB on paper. If that makes sense. He may not be 1st team all Big 12 again but he’ll be toward the top of the heap unless he gets hurt.


Yeah, I read that article the other day and thought the writers are on something, e.g. SHERM, lol. The total diss for Spencer will hopefully motivate him to become the player some of us think he can become. Has to cut down on the turnovers and avoid contact as much as possible on QB runs and scrambles cause if/when he gets hurt the next season I personally think we’re screwed.

To rate Card/Sewers that high is another UT is always overrated joke. As is rating Gabriel #1. As far as I can remember he NEVER beat Tulsa and not to say it’s always on the QB but he was struggling mightily against TU’s defense. He’s not a bad QB, I’d say good but certainly NOT GREAT! JT Daniels ALWAYS.GETS.HURT. Every season w/ both U$C and UGA. And Adrian Martinez STINKS! I would’ve rated him #9 at best.

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He’s not NFL material IMO. Why does it matter, the topic is college.

Top 2 if not best and really he SHOULD be. I still don’t think they’ve fixed his footwork issue.

You’ve responded to every single one of his comments.

So, no. He is not posting to himself.

Sanders will go as far as Dunn takes him.

Yes your rite dunn needs to stop calling so many interception play against baylor. 7 is extreme play calling. Its obvious you know what sarcasm is.

Sanders will go as far as Dunn and Dickey will allow. The o-line has to be better from start to finish of a season. I know the stats will NEVER support this, but Spencer’s game reminds me so much of Russell Wilson.

Russell wilson Russell wilson lol
Just kidding you

Wisdom here. You know your schizzle even if grammer sucks.

Everyone will be dissecting Shapen tape now. I do see Baylor as playing OkState in Chanpionship.
Gabriel and Horns QBs havent shown anyone anything yet, but ESPN has to chum the waters with click bait.
Martinez and Daniels over Sanders is another drama narrative. Lets not forget ESPN is owned by Disney. They would sell their mothers (and more cheap LGBTQIA+++ adverts) for $10 in ad revenue.