Ranking Quarterbacks in the Conference

ESPN ranked the Big 12 quarterbacks this way: 1. Gabriel; 2. Baylor’s Blake Shapen, and the Texas duo of Quinn Ewers and Hudson Card; 4. West Virginia’s J.T. Daniels; 5. Kansas State’s Adrian Martinez; 6. Sanders; 7. Texas Tech’s Donovan Smith and Tyler Shough, Texas Christian’s Max Duggan and Chandler Morris, and Kansas’ Jalon Daniels; 10. Iowa State’s Hunter Dekkers and Rocco Becht.

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One of those was Big 12 QB of the year last year. We will see, but I’d expect much different order at the end of the season.

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Tier 9: Veterans with moxie (seven players, six jobs)

Only the second qb in school history to have 12 wins. 40 quarterbacks considered to be better than him doesn’t make his chances for the NFL very good.

A lot of this is hype. We got to wait and see. Also, that 1 qb prediction. There are 10 or more out there none look tge same. Got to break down the teams along with the qb.
Gabriel should be fine. Ou replaced some line, should be worse. So can Gabriel do but against a good front then last years ou qb. He also had his worst games against the better teams. We he lose arm strength from his injury.
Blake is a nice qb with a good line. They dnt ask him to does much last year. Will the defense and running game be as good as last you. Get him out of his comfort zone maybe different. There talking about can he hold up, he is a small guy.
The Texas qb can’t be ranked the same. We have seen why card lost it last year. Texas has abunch of offense play makers. With a poor line. They have talked about a two back set. I think it’s for blocking not to get another back option. Why was ewers still a 3rd string at tosu.
West virginia could protect their last non mobile qb, why do they think they can do it now. If not on his back he could be fine. He has only completed 1 year. Running game still has to be seen.
Tech oline us tge same or worse. So will see if they can run and keep the qb up rite. Both will be fine if up rite.
Tcu is the same as tech Duggan cane be as bad as Sanders. Chandler is small.
Kansas is dynamic. But can they give him enough help.
Adrian may not be an up grade from Skylar. Can he stay up rite throw the whole year. Has a great back good line and a couple of receivers. We will fine out was it a bad team around him or him.
Alot of people are high on dekker. They run a simple offense. Who is carrying the ball. Who is he passing it to, besides hutch.

We know what we got with Sanders. We got receiver. Is the oline going to be as good as last year. We have already lost Cole for the season. We have around 8 guys in the mix on the oline. Who is going to run the ball. Can the oline and running back stay health. Can Sanders make it thur another year.

You and your nfl crap. We will wait and see in 2 years if he gets drafted.

It’s funny how a total unknown will have better odds than someone who proves year after year that they can’t.

Sanders is Sanders.

But you are you. What unknown qb are you talking about. To be unknown you would have to be a 2 star freshman. Don’t a one of any of the qbs on this list fit that bill. Ever 1 of the qb are a 4 star with a lot of hype.
Another thing is you have to be rite. We will see how Sanders does. I want to know which qb are you talking about, there is only 11 qb on this list.

It’s funny that you scour the internet to find articles you like.
I know who Sanders is. You may not like him or just making a jab at gundy. He is still a gamer. Should end up as osu’s winnest qb. I know that’s a bad thing just like gundy with the most wins.

It’s funny that you think going to ESPN website is scouring the internet. LOL

It may take 2 more seasons to do it.

A small gamer. He doesn’t seem to be able to win the one’s that win the conference but that is probably on the head coach. It was the same way for Rudolph. Thank goodness at OSU we’re good with averaging 4th in the conference. I hope we are paying our softball, baseball wrestling and golf coaches in top ten in the nation because they are well ascending expectations.

You left one of your most important blah blah blah he is 500 against ou. It’s funny you didn’t mention that. Nothing about bedlam.

Yet 40 quarterbacks ESPN thinks are better and 5 in the conference. Where would anyone get the idea that Gundy should step up his game in recruiting? Maybe that’s why Baylor has won 3 conference titles in the last decade and Gundy hasn’t won any.

And yet you have to repeat yourself. Dave looked really good with that 2 win season.
I see you have NO response to Sanders 50% against your goons.

You think you going somewhere win you point out lil things then you find your stuck in the chit pond

Mason started 100% but didn’t finish quite so well.

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I guess your trying to deflect. Not a real good one. If you have nothing to say just dnt.

If you want to win conference titles, you don’t want Mason or Spencer and especially don’t want Gundy.

You and joey really dnt know what words mean.
You know what the word repeat mean.
I said if you You have something to say say. Stop repeating the cramp your doing.
Why are you on here jug. Really why.
You tell us your an up rite guy. Smart. Rich. Initiative.

Yet all you do on here is cry. Seriously dude you just cry.

Gundy is the highest paid coach in the conference but how many of the other coaches will win the conference before Gundy can win his second?

You belittle and treat everyone on here like s***, yet your cowardly little self won’t come on the PFB+ threads and talk to the actual subscribers who have good takes. Because you’d run off in a heartbeat.

You say others cry, but you do it all…the…time.

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The prime mate has spoken. Lol

Im sure there are some nice people on +. But, if your an example, im fine where im at. You only have tried to make fun of me. Not once have you made any point. There is the 3 stooges i go out of my way to have my fun with. If you actually read my post to other people you would see i have good talks about all things osu. If you would read our post you would find out that im not alone in defending osu football against the 3. Some are plus members.
I dnt feel the need to pay for plus, that makes me a coward. You have every opportunity to come on the free site and enlighten us with your knowledge. Whom is the coward. What i have seen of your writing im find with you eating bananas in your plus tree house.

I’m not really trying to make any other point than that you’re a piece of absolute garbage. That’s my point.

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