Ranking the Five Biggest Losses for OSU Football in the Transfer Portal (So Far)

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/ranking-the-five-biggest-losses-for-osu-football-in-the-transfer-portal-so-far/

Mason Cobb and Spencer Sanders are top of the list. (Surprise, surprise.)

Please don’t let the door hit you in you the rear-end on your way out Spencer. I will grant you, you could run, but certainly you were not durable, and your arm cost OSU several big games. Why the coaches kissed your butt is beyond me, but the reality is they did, and their reward for kissing your butt is everyone gets to now watch you tuck your tail and run. About as spineless as one can get! I must admit, I’m looking forward to watching you sum-optimize another program next year, and I’ll bet your NFL career is about as productive as the Baylor championship game last year, and the OU game this year!
Thank you for moving on, 4 years was more than enough!


Thank you Spencer Sanders for everything you did & gave to Oklahoma State University. You will always be a Poke. You are one of my all time favorites, a true warrior. Haters are going to hate. Best wishes on your future endeavors. Go Pokes!