Ranking the Five Hardest Games on OSU's 2021 Football Schedule

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It’s simple really. Show me since 2011 what Mike Gundy has done to prove to the rest of us that he will ever do the following:

  • Win another bedlam game

  • Make a major bowl game

  • Win a major bowl game

  • Make a conference title game

  • Win a conference title game

I’ll be waiting for your answer.

Your 5 points are almost the same point over and over again, so you can list them out like it’s some laundry list of failure, but getting to the conference game would put us in a major bowl and winning the conference game might put us in the playoffs and would involve beating OU, etc. What would that have meant last year?

Winning one more game. That’s probably at lot of recent seasons. Winning that extra game is a big step, but it is just one step. What chance do you think a brand new coach is going to not only take that step, but just place our team where we already are?

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Joe thinks if he says it 1000 times we will accept him and go to the dark side

It was just pointed out to me in the last two days that Texas played in the conference championship game a few years ago and ended up in the Alamo bowl.

They beat Georgia in the Sugar bowl after the 2018 season.

  • I’m sure a brand new coach would figure out how to score more than just 29 total points in his last two meetings against OU.

  • I’m sure a new coach wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that a program historically worse than his (Baylor and Iowa State) have played in a conference title games and his team hasn’t.

  • I’m sure a new coach would actually motivate his players and not show them in the bedlam game that he’s ready to throw in the towel

I have to beat these points over and over again because we haven’t done any of these on a more consistent basis in almost the past 10 years. That is with Texas being subpar and sucky (They actually PLAYED for a conference title and WON a major bowl game).

We have one 2nd place finish in the last 9 seasons thanks to Texas upsetting Baylor in 2015. So enlighten me as to how you think Gundy will progress this program further? Because I’m just not seeing it.